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Don’t be mean to people canvassing for political things

Just don’t 

I’m working in it right now, and I’ve worked in it before, and it SUCKS when people treat you bad or blow you off. Usually they just want you to sign to put a candidate on a ballot, and the democrats only want dems and republicans the same, so it’s not like you will have to elect someone not from your party, and they wont even talk to you if your parties dont match up. But regardless, it’s their job. They’re annoying, yeah, I am one and I know we’re annoying, but we’ve all been standing out here in the heat on on our feet for possibly hours for a cause we believe in but also are being paid (very little) to do as a job. 

So just please, be nice to these people. It won’t hurt to talk to them. Rude no’s are just mean, don’t aggressively shake them off. If they seem agressive, it’s probably cause they’re under quota and they need to get more people or risk being asked to leave, so don’t take it personally. they don’t care about you that way. 

Be nice. 

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