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willowsyellowcrayon replied to your post: people who can’t ship willow and tara because “oz…

omg what? she’s clearly got a stronger bond with tara

I was scrolling deep in to the willow tag and someone literally wrote an essay about how she’s better with oz and she never really could love tara and they “dont even show tara and her in love” and I want to go to her inbox to ask her not to tag her tara hate but she then doesnt have an askbox. 

like she can have her opnion i guess

… i just believe with every fiber of my being she is wrong. and if you want more proof then me, Joss Whedon has said that Willow/Tara is the purest, strongest, most true love on the show, and that willow/tara sexual “magic” scenes were the “most sexual, intense” sex scenes he’s ever written and directed. 

also the reason they dont show willow and tara like making out all the time is because of the network! being gay was not okay on tv 

also, this person was like “I imagine she ends up with oz”

but but but BUT she’s gay. she tells kennedy she is gay

willow is gay. GAY. can we respect that??

And in the comics, Oz is married, it’s really cute, he is married to a werewolf and they have babies and it’s great and they help slayers control their anger. 

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  1. the13thkink said: that’s ridiculous, they clearly have the deepest and most secure love on the show (then probably xander/anya)
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