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Tom Felton and Emma Watson talk about the scene in which Hermione punches Draco.

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Iron Woman AU- Part 4

Domestic bliss and fluff at Stark (and Simmons) Mansion.

(Part 1; Part 2; Part 3)

Note: Imagining pointless smut and fluff is my way of dealing with the complete lack of Skimmons and last nights’ episode.

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#no mira mira mira mira

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I was born with XY chromosomes but I developed as a female, okay? The pills I take are estrogen, because my body doesn’t make any. There now you know. Can you have kids?

The only acceptable reaction. Because I’m so pissed off right now at Amy and Karma and the fucking assholes they’re being and the show isn’t like making it evident enough that they SUCK and what they did was awful. Using her intersex over her to make her do gross embarrassing things? That’s messed up. And not addressing it as awful is making me so mad. 

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I think I sort of ship Samantha and doctor fraisure
Because apparently, shipping hot agents with the team medic science lady on shows with 0 queer representation is a thing I do now
But is there a thing for this do people ship this

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you have no idea what I’m feeling

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A little more BTS peek into our shoot with the very lovely @lil_henstridge ! #RegardingElizabeth #ElizabethHenstridge #regardbts Hair & Makeup:@missvalnoble Styled by: @tgatiffany #AgentsOfShield #Marvel #ABC #classic #style #elegance #England #photoshoot #hair #makeup #beauty

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girls and all the cute things they do like moaning into your mouth as you kiss them during sex and the cute little noises they make and weird faces and soft skin and curves and orgasms and shaking and when they grab on to your hair and passionate kissing and neck nuzzling and nibbling and just straddling and grabbing and when they rub against you and grinding and just basically steamy hot lesbian sex

just girls ok

..such a fucking lesbian *sigh*

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”Yesterday we were shooting and I.. Me and BJ, we just made a whole Taylor Swift routine to Shake It Off.”

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